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Lorraine aka Yoyen

I have been blogging here since april this year, before this I’ve held a blog at Friendster from 2004. My postings there were a bit personal since I only have people whom I really know on my list. Now, I must conclude that I am quite fanatic in maintaining this blog. I’m happy if the entries are well read and other side effect is the nice contact with the fellow bloggers.

So, it is time to reveal more about me. Firstly, I would like to begin with this blog’s title. Why Lorraine aka Yoyen? Lorraine is my firstname (I have three surnames). This is how people here call me. Yoyen is my nickname, invented by me. When I was a toddler I couldn’t pronounce the R properly, so I called myself Yoyen.
There’s a funny story about this, when I dated my husband, he just called me Lorraine.
A day before our wedding, during midodareni (javanese tradition, a day before the wedding when the bride and the bridegroom to be are not allowed to see each other) my husband to be then, was asked by my friends “Hey, do you know where Yoyen is?” He just gave them the look that he didn’t quite get the question, then replied with a question “Who is Yoyen?”. My friends just laughed at him and explained him Lorraine aka Yoyen. After that he began to call me Yoyen. So he was the only person in NL which called me this way, untill I met a girl which I knew from the University back in Indonesia. I was passing by down town the city I lived, I heard somebody whispered “Yoyen??”. I was very excited, it was no need for me to turn around, cause I knew instantly it was somebody I knew from Jakarta. The last four – five years, my sister in law and three Indonesian best friends here have been calling me Yoyen, which is ok by me.
Why I chose to be called Lorraine here? for two reasons, Lorraine rhymes better with my husband’s name which I started to use after I got married. The second reason Yoyen is not easy for Dutch people to pronounce. They will pronounce it as Yoooyen instead which sounds weird in my ears. Last year I found a third reason, Yoyen is a common name for pinoys (Phillipinos).
I am named after a song by Nat King Cole, Sweet Lorraine. I can be a Sweet Lorraine when I want to now :-D. In my youth, when I got this fascination for France, I found out a region named Lorraine (Lotharingen in Deutsch) in North East of France (see map) which is also being famous because of its Quiche Lorraine. I guess this knowledge was an unconsciously start of me being a Francophile.

9 thoughts on “Lorraine aka Yoyen

  1. Thanks for sharing. Lorraine is a beautiful name indeed. I like Quiche Lorraine too, but haven’t had that for ages now.

  2. Greetings Mbak Lorraine,
    I just know from Elyani that you’re a daughter of Jan Mintaraga, one of the greatest artist in Indonesia. Silly me who didn’t realize Jan’s painting in your blog.

    My uncle once own “taman bacaan” in Bandung, so I know quite a lot about your father’s masterpieces, and of course, I’m his big fans.

    Glad to know you and all the best.
    Toni Wahid

  3. yen, im just gonna call you lorre.. it just sounds nicer to my ears..

    am not too big of a fan of pantings so i am not familiar with indonesian painters. but i recognize jan mintaraga’s name..
    so that’s your dad?? wow! in that case, lucky you to have such a cool painter for a dad..

  4. @ El, thank you. I like Quiche Lorraine but don’t want to eat it often, there is too much calories in it!

    @ Toni, thanks for stopping by and for your compliments. He felt a bit underrated at the last years of his life. The paintings you see here are those he made after he stopped making comic strips (ca. 1992). My dad went to ITB, Bandung. He just made it two semesters.

    Pleasure is all mine to know you.

  5. Agree with Elyani, Lorraine is such a beautiful name, no wonder people will think you are white not “black” *wink*

  6. (^_^) Wow…loe udah ngeblog lebih lama dari gw! Baru tau bhw udah sejak 2004 yah..wow!

    Lorraine aka Yoyen (^_^) wonderful to meet you (again) here in this blogosphere!

    Great posting, thanks for sharing!

  7. @ Ecky, merci!

    @ Gaty, ya lumayan deh. Cuma disini sekarang lebih ok, lebih interaktif!

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