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Double Dutch

Double Dutch is a term to explain that a girl takes a pil and the boy uses a condom during sexual intercourse. The pil protects the girl from getting pregnant, the condom does this also and at the same time preventing them both from sexual transmitted diseases. So, let’s say if the condom would leak, the girl can still count on the pil for not getting pregnant. According to the last survey, 18% of the Dutch youth between 12 – 18 years old chooses this methode when they have sex.
Welcoming the summer, the government launches safe sex campaign (year after year) to keep especially the youth alert about the danger of having many sexual partners during the holiday. Why the summer? Cause there are many teenagers who will go on vacation with their friends for the first time in their life. A week or two, faraway from their parents and always in a mood for rock ‘n roll, booze and sex (ok when those who get lucky, can add sun in this sentence).
The slogan of the safe sex campaign is Ik vrij veilig of ik vrij niet! (= I’ll have safe sex or no sex).
At the site of Expertise Center of HIV/Aids and other STI’s you can see some short and handy lines with translations in German, French, English and Spanish, click here.
So, the 18% from the survey mentioned above seems not much, but it is as much as expected (could have always been better) for Double Dutch!

7 thoughts on “Double Dutch

  1. 18% percent is indeed not much, and I always think that 12 years old is still way too young, but I guess Dutch and Danish teenagers are very much alike. Here they start at 12/13 years old. Not really a surprise since the teenage girls do look like grown up women by that age. *sigh* (looking at myself and my boyish posture LOL)

  2. 12 years old is indeed too young for sexual experiences, some girls at that age don't even have their monthly period!

    The more I read your entries about DK, the more I'm convinced that DK & NL look quite the same.

    Jadi kapan mau main kesini? Kalo lagi kangen makanan Indonesia you're very welcome here….

  3. My niece in S’pore is 11 going on 12 years old. Physically she is taller and bigger than me, but she is a still kid in my eyes. She already has had her period but still I cannot imagine her having sex in the next two or three years. How time has changed!

  4. @ El, yes, 12 years old is very young. Since I also have a daughter (7 years), I can’t even imagine her wearing thong when she is 12 years, let alone being sexually active!

  5. @ The Writer, mau ikutan kopdar blogger Ind.? Gw ketemu tgl 17 agustus sama Rima di Den Haag. Di perayaan 17-an KBRI di Belanda. Makanannya seru2, ada bazaar segala..

  6. Tanggal 17 kayaknya gak bisa deh, pasti lagi depresi berat tinggal beberapa minggu submit thesis. Tapi setelah bulan September aku bebas bahagia 😀

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