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My top 30 songs

Inspired by Rima, here’s my top 30 favourite songs.
The list is at random though.

1. Paint it Black, The Rolling Stones
2. Breezin, George Benson
3. Save a prayer, Duran Duran
4. Tonight is the night, Betty Wright
That’s the way of the world, Earth Wind and Fire
6. Ai no Corrida, Quincy Jones
Cançao do Mar, Dulce Pontes
Shape of my heart, Sting
There’s nothing like this, Omar
Je ne veux pas travailler, Pink Martini
11. You go to my head, Billy Holiday
Like a rolling stone, Bob Dylan
Hard to handle, The Black Crowes
14. Chan chan, Buena Vista Social Club
Off the Wall, Michael Jackson
16. Here comes the Sun
, Nina Simone
Sara Smile, Hall & Oates
18. Oye como va, Carlos Santana
You are the sunshine of my life, Stevie Wonder
Vesoul, Jacques Brel
Somebody to love, Queen
Stay with me tonight, Jeffrey Osborne
Sing it back, Moloko
24. So Amazing, Luther Vandross
Dream a little dream of me, Ella Fitzgerald
Samba de una nota, Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd
Aguas di Marco, Elis Regina & Tom Jobim
Lovely Day, Bill Withers
Milord, Edit Piaf
Shine on, George Duke

If you click on the song titles, you’ll get a link to YouTube.


4 thoughts on “My top 30 songs

  1. some of these songs are on my top 100.. lol
    j’aime #1, 2,5,8,9,10(moi non plus!)11,16,17,19(on this track, in the middle towards the end, if you listen very carefully, you will hear a kuntilanak laughing in the background.. i swear!),21,23,25.

    I see your taste in music is not far off to mine.. 🙂

  2. I’m amazed you could come up with the list. I can’t make up my mind! My favorite songs change every single day, it’s so tough just to pick 30. I used to like Bon Jovi, but not anymore. I used to adore Guns n’ Roses, but naaah. I used to admire Sting, but now not so much. I like Justin Timberlake now, but I don’t think he’s old enough to be put in my top 30 songs. I know what I DON’T like, i.e. Celine Dion, but that doesn’t help either. See, I’m rambling! LOL

  3. Lorraine,

    I love Dulce Pontes too in her song “O Mare e Tu” featuring Andrea Bocelli.

  4. @ Rima,

    numéro 10, moi non plus! Iya bener, kuntilanak's voice fades out at the end…

    My taste can be describe as old for a woman at my age, but hey, I was a hippie child, grown up in the 70-es with Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin at the background. When I was at highschool I started developing my own preference for jazz, fusion, R & B and Soul, some standard oldies which my dad detested!

    @ Anita, I can just go with the list on and on and on, but those 30 are the top of my list. Love mr. JT too (went to see him in concert last year in the Arena, he was awesome live!), if you love his songs why not. You're not rambling my dear, I'm not into miss Dion also :-D.

    @ Elyani, I don't know, the Fado has a magic influence on me although I don't understand Portugese at all!!! It is sentimental, melancholy in a package. I like 'O mare et Tu' also.

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