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My very first Blog Award

Last Sunday, 13 July 2008, Rima gave me an extraordinary blogger award, you can click this link for detail
here. Chérie, encore une fois, je te remercie beaucoup, bisous de moi!.

I let Rima know that I felt honored receiving this award. Every blogger is extraordinary because this is a medium to express ourself without restrictions. Being a blogger allows me to exercise my freedom of speech. Besides that I am able to meet people with the same ideas here and make new virtual friends. In fact, whenever I am online I tend to log on my blog rather than log on Facebook or Friendster. Contacts at those community sites seem a bit shallow for me now comparing to my contact here.

We bloggers, have our own style of writing and choose our own topic to place in entries. Some topics could be similar but yet the different angle of approach makes it interesting for me to read them all.

I hope I can maintain the consistency I do have right now. Keep interact with each other, that’s the way bloggers keep blogosphere alive!

* My sincere sorry for the advanced bloggers for the amateurish way of linking the url to Rima’s blog. Still trying to find out how…


5 thoughts on “My very first Blog Award

  1. Lorraine, congrats on your award- well deserved! To make a short address link on your posting, click the “green icon” next to “italic” icon and enter the URL address. It is that simple. Selamat mencoba 🙂

  2. Congratulations!

    If power blogger Rima puts you at the top of her list, it really means something. And an award from Brussels, the capital of the EU, on top of that.

    Your chat gives even rise to the suspicion of a developing Francophile conspiracy, n’est pas?


  3. @ Elyani,

    Thanks, congrats to you too. Big thanks to your tip, it is that easy…I did it!

    @ Colson,
    Mais oui! I need to keep practising my French, I am a French Literature graduate at the Univ. in Jakarta otherwise ben ik bang dat ik het vergeet. Het zou jammer zijn…

  4. colson: oh goodness. power blogger? what is that all about?? lol

    lorraine: you deserve it.. like i told elyani, there are so many bloggers out there but only few who can jot down words and make graceful entries like you two. i mean, look at me, I can NEVER do what you guys do.. i’m too crazy for that. lol

    again, congrats.. and i will see you on the 17th of august!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Huwaaaaah…kok bukan gw yg pertama ngasih award, malah keduluanan Rima, huhuhuuuu…

    Pokoe congrats!! (^_^)

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