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Money can’t buy happiness

Today, the biggest jackpot ever in Dutch Lottery History, € 25 million, will be drawn. Most people fantasize to win this huge amount of money but can money buy happiness? According to Lottery winners’ financial advisor not.

When you have money just enough to make ends meet, your concerns are mostly about the bills to pay. When you have more money to spend, you wonder how to generate more income. Then you start to worry about your health, whether you would live long enough to be able to enjoy this material richdom. The financial advisor tells in the interview that some new millionaires become paranoia, cause many (new) friends and relatives suddenly show up and demand a part of the money.

In a recent poll taken last week it was clear that most Dutch people would like to keep their job after winning a lottery. The rest of the interviewees would like to quit their job, share the money with their children and relatives, travel around the world or invest the money in stock market.

So tonight, at 8.30 p.m. Dutch time, somebody would be extremely happy. The day after, the financial advisor will come to the rescue with a plan with steps to take to manage the money. Money which can provide the Lottery winner privileges but can’t buy him/her happiness.


11 thoughts on “Money can’t buy happiness

  1. This is absolutely right! Money cannot and can never buy happiness, because happiness is not for sale, it’s a gift, and it’s for free (^_^)

  2. Right, money cannot buy happiness…but poverty does bring misery. So at the end, it is still better to be miserable in luxury…LOL!x

  3. @ Gaty, hapiness is a luxurious thing which money can’t buy.

    @ Rima, it can get rid of many problems but brings other problems in return.

    @ Elyani, being miserable in luxury can cause some void in one’s life. Aku maunya yg cukup2 aja…

  4. Yoyen, happiness isn’t luxury, it’s the state of mind (^_-) Either we choose to be happy or stay miserable, whether we want to be grateful and thus be thankful for what we have and not longing so much for what we don’t or cannot have, is up to us, therefore, money can’t buy it, luxury still has its price, but happiness is price-less.

    Still dalam prakteknya, wakakaka… I wish I could buy happiness, lmao.

  5. CUKUP2 SAJA: mau beli rumah gede yang ada kolam renang dan fitnessnya cukup. Mau beli ferrari, jaguar dan rolls royce cukup. Mau beli berlian banyak dan baju bagus bagus cukup..

    Emang sih yen, cukup cukup aja lah.. 😉

  6. Up date: the winner thought he won € 250.000 instead of € 25 million. He is a married man in mid fifties, bought his winning lottery in The Hague region.

    @ Gaty, Justru itu karena state of mind jadinya luxurious.

    @ Rima, tau aja loe definisi cukupnya gw :-)))

  7. €25 million may mean trouble in paradise, but i would gladly have faced the challenge.


  8. Hahahahaaaa….gw mo nyumbang ngakak ajah sama komentar loe en Rimafauzi, hahahahaaaaa……!!! Yoí deh, hahaha………!

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