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Nowadays life is unthinkable without Internet, E-mail, Cell Phones and other communication appliances. Being an owner of a cell phone means that people think they can reach me anytime they want, even during dinner time!. If there’s a missed call, the caller would expect me to call him/her back at once. What about text messaging? When you’ve developed a kind of routine to check your inbox constantly, you’ll be addicted to it. I know this for sure, cause I am addicted. Other annoyance about having a cell phone’s number which is in the phone book, without me knowing it till 3 months ago, is that companies call me offering their services (mostly it is about financial products, life insurance, mortgage etc…etc..).

It is the same with e-mails, once people get your e-mail address, you’ll get (sometimes unwanted) news from them. Some don’t even bother to wonder whether you would like to receive the information they send. I’m kind of allergic to chain mails. I delete them immediately.

About Internet, it is unbelievable how information on the Internet stay on my mind easily. I don’t need to be informed that Pamela Anderson suffers from Hepatitis C, Angelina Jolie is now hospitalized till her labor due or Lance Armstrong is apparently dating Kate Hudson but this info I read from websites of serious media such as BBC and CNN.

How annoying it is sometimes to constantly be feeded with information and other’s expectation for me to be there reachable anytime anywhere I’ve just concluded that on this matter the pro’s win from the con’s. The reason is that I forgot to put my cell phone in my bag this morning, found out about this at 10.00 o’clock at the office and started to get panicked cause I am expecting some text messages from my sister who’s coming to NL this Sunday. Now I’m calmed, I can function well without my cell phone. I still have e-mail & Internet access. You bet I would check my incoming messages on my Cell Phone when I get home.

Please do share your experiences about this. I’m curious.


4 thoughts on “Communication Information

  1. I think we are both addicted and dependent to technology. I always put my cellphone within my reach so I know when there’s a message coming in. As for emails, I check 3-4 times a day.

  2. my internet was down for one night a couple of months ago. i panicked, couldn’t really breathe, went all sweaty and didn’t know what to do. switched on the tv but seriously couldn’t watch it. kept checking the computer every 5 minutes to see if the internet is back on.

    after 5 hours of no internet and crappy stuff on tv, i realised my phone had a wlan feature. tried to get internet connection, turns out a neighbor had un-password preotected wifi connection, and was able to finally go online to check, yes, blog comments and e-mails.

    then and there i realised i am an internet junkie. not proud about it but that’s the honest truth. so sad, isn’t it?

  3. Ladies,

    Thanks for sharing. We are addicted and dependent to technology. My growing concern personally is the expectation of others that they assume they can contact us 24/7. It is literally just a click away to contact your relatives and loved ones thru Internet and Cellphone. When there’s no reply on our text message or mail, we start to get panicked & indeed, couldn’t really breathe. This addiction makes us feel that we can’t afford not to be on line/up dated etc..

    I wonder if there’s an AA-club for Internet Addiction?

  4. Haha! Exactly my sentiment! That’s why I always purposely forget where I put my cellphone, I can afford to do that because I don’t have to manage any business relying heavily on information or need to be contacted ASAP and I don’t have to attend meeting etc like those of you who are working outside your home (^_^) So, I train myself to think home phone is good enough and internet is more than enough for me, or for anyone who wants to reach me, call home or email me, or shout at my blog (LMAO–another way to reach us blogger!)

    But gw en Patsy bisa sms-an non-stop sampe pulsa abis baru deh berenti! wkwkwkwk…

    The thing is I hate the must answer this instant! Oh well…that’s the price we have to pay for living in this age of instant messages I guess.

    Btw, udah sampe blun Patsy-nya?

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