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Grief changes shape, but it never ends

After watching http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=RbqF6Xv1mNU I couldn’t help but thinking of my late beloved father. On that video I can really feel the love between Alain Clark & his father.

Yes, I am in a sentimental mood at this very Saturday Evening. That video reminds me of what I would have like to say to my father if he was still alive. My father died in December 1999 due to Lung Cancer. In the video Clark sings “Every time I look at you, I see myself, I’m so proud of you etc..”

I guess grief changes shape but it never ends. Some people have a misconception that you can get over with it and say, ‘It’s gone, and I’m better’. Actually, you’re not better, you have just learned how to deal with it. Like what I am doing right now, sharing this with you all.

Here http://lambiek.net/artists/m/mintaraga_jan.htm you can see my father’s info & works.


4 thoughts on “Grief changes shape, but it never ends

  1. Lorraine,

    Your precious person has gone, but I’m positive the love is forever, and that he lives, in a different way, in your heart, for always. You may never get over not having him, but your good memories of him will sustain you.

  2. I enjoyed reading your father’s comics as a child. People are mortals, but memories are not. Grieving is a way to deal with your broken heart *hugs*.

  3. Sometimes, I just miss the old ‘us’, the younger version of us, lol, because it was where everybody we know and love still with us, we didn’t know how lucky we’re back then and how precious the time we had together. But as you said, as we learn through living with the memories, the happiness, the loss, the sadness.. and we realize how precious today is, and how precious the people that with us right now.

    And I think, that is the lesson which we can only learn through our experiences including, well, especially through our own loss and grieve, there’s no other way. That is life.

    I miss Oom Jan, I miss my dad very much, and I miss Koinonia Jr, haha.. I just miss a lot of things these days, I think it’s the ‘age’ thing…lol.. but this kind of blues, the missing kinda blues is not a bad one, I actually rather enjoying it while it beheld me, because it gives me the opportunity to remember and kind of reliving all the things that we did together.

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