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Bye bye smoke!

Dutch smokers are counting down the days for the ban on smoking officially begins at 1 July. Since the last few years, it has been forbidden to smoke at public places (train stations, buildings etc.). This coming ban on smoking at 1 July applies at cafés, hotels, bars clubs and restaurants but, this is also typical Dutch, smokers are still free to smoke at terraces of the cafés. The owners of those named establishments above are worrying about their incomes if smoking would be entirely forbidden. I am curious whether this ban would be executed everywhere in NL.

6 thoughts on “Bye bye smoke!

  1. A similar ban was applied also in Denmark early this year. There had been a lot of fear of demonstrations and riots in the pubs/bars/cafe since most of the Danes smoke (even teenage girls at 13 years old) but it turned out everything is cool and now we get to enjoy eating in a restaurant /drinking in a bar without being disturbed with smoke. Fantastic

  2. here in iowa, it’ll take place tomorrow (july 1st). same concern was voiced by bar owners, losing business and everything, but we’ll see…

  3. In Belgium it has been applied since january. I still see people smoking in some places but not restaurants.
    as for pubs, well, they can’t really ban smokers there cos most of the pub goers are smokers.

    Being an ex heavy smoker myself, I understand how hard it is to quit, and i know some people just dont want to quit at all, I was one of them once upon a time. Now now Ive been smoke free for since august 5 2005, and loving it. I wish more people would quit, life is much better without ciggies!

  4. It’s no doubt a sensible decision if one decides not to smoke (one of the few sensible decisions I made in my life).

    But I can’t but dislike the fanatical drive by some anti smoke activists and the patronizing character of these measures is, in my opinion, worrying.


  5. Today is the fourth day after the ban of smoking is launched. The temperature has been fair since the ban, which means smokers still smoke at the terraces & outside the buildings. But I know some smokers who decide to quit because of the ban.

    @ The Writer, I noticed this yesterday. After seeing a concert, I came home and to my surprise my clothes didn’t smell to ciggs.

    @ Elyani, that’s exactly the contradiction I don’t really understand. Smoking is prohibited in NL but the government still earns money from the tax on a pack of ciggarettes (average price is EURO 5).

    @ Dini, yes, we’ll see what the smokers would do in the winter.

    @ Rima, one way or the other, smokers belong to cafés and pubs. I’m curious how Dutch governemt will control the ban. Congrats! You’ve been smoke free for 2 years. I quit 13 years ago due to health issue. It was hard but I manage to survive the temptation of having a cig between my fingers together with a good conversation & an excellent glas of wine. It’s all about how you associate smoking with.

    @ Colson, as you said, not smoking is one’s own decision. I agree with you, the anti smoking lobby could be very agressively fanatic. This applies also to other lobby groupes (te fanatieke dierenactivisten enz…). Mijn oma had me ooit verteld ‘Alles wat te voor staat is niet goed, behalve tevreden’ :-)))

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