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Aren’t we all a bit Narcistic?

Okay, this is the shortest posting ever from me. The fact of the rapid growth of community & blog sites etc shows that there is a need for a simple human being like me for example to let the world know that I exist. I see this as a medium to express myself. And of course this kind of site is very useful in tracking long lost friends or even make new ones. Most of the members (so, you too, you who are reading this now!!!) of those sites maintain their account seriously. The undertone by most of them is (hey..hey..covering myself here, I write most of them, not everyone. No generalizing here): how do I get as many views as possible?
My conclusion, sorry my impression is therefore: aren’t we all a bit narcistic by doing this?
The painting shown above is Narcissus made by Caravaggio. The Narcissus from the Grecian tragic Mythe who was drowned in the lake because he wanted to kiss the shadow on the water whom he fell in love with not knowing that was his own shadow on the water. The other pic is The Flower Narcissus, blown at the end of March or beginning of April.

6 thoughts on “Aren’t we all a bit Narcistic?

  1. Yeah, we all have a bit of narcissism, am guilty as charged …hehehe! I started blogging when my beloved dog died last year. My first entry was about him. I didn’t even have an idea what kind of blog that I would like to have. The contents are all too regular, daily happenings and stuffs like crafts shows that I enjoy to visit. But interestingly the most people look for in my blog (from google) is my post about Martabak Air Mancur in Bogor! I put some mouth watering pictures there and a recipe that I’d never even tried myself.

  2. Definitely… Huehuehuee… Blogging is also a way to let our voice be heard, lol.. yea right (what voice :P–do you hear any???)

    I enjoy blogging more than I thought I would, but surprisingly part that I enjoy the most is kutak-katik template, wkwkwkwkwkwk…

    Dan sekarang, gw blum tidur gara2 gw gonta-ganti template diseluruh blog gw, entah itu namanya apa, haha!

    The truth is, the more you plunge into blogging the more you cannot stay away from this question: is there anyone reading my post? And once you get a reader or two or more, ho-ho-ho… you just want more and this little space in the net where at some point a looong long time ago you (we) thought only a small you (us) inside it, grow bigger and you (we) found new friends and new ambition, to gain more readerssss..


    Okei kayaknya gw udah ga jelas lagi komentarnya, because I need some sleep.. (^_^)

  3. @ Elyani, Really? I mean the first post of yours was about the death of your beloved dog? I wouldn’t think of that if you didn’t tell me this.

    @ Santi what a legitimate reason to justify our narcissim at the blogosphere lol!

  4. I, for one, am so narcissistic my husband believes I am in love with myself. Well, I’m not one to argue about that.

    When I started blogging, I didn’t have any expectation. I just wanted a medium in which I can pour my heart out and write anything that I have lingering in my head. Now, I must admit that my blog is a boost to my self confidence. It’s nice to see my opinion matters, people respond to it, to see how many people visit it and to read all the comment, however good or bad.

    I think we are all a bit narcissistic, but it’s nothing to be ashamed off. After all, if we don’t start loving ourselves, how will others do?

  5. Gratcia says “The truth is, the more you plunge into blogging the more you cannot stay away from this question: is there anyone reading my post? And once you get a reader or two or more, ho-ho-ho…”

    Lorraine says “I recognize myself completely”

    @ Rima, exactly, Loving ourself first then we will be able to love others and vice versa. I love me too…LOL! Blogging is just one of many ways to let the world know that we exist. And no, I’m not ashamed of my narcissisme. Just curious what you guys think.

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