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Van Gogh’s Sun Flowers

Van Gogh painted the Sun Flowers from 1888 – 1889. This serie consists of 5 paintings, 3 with 15 Sun Flowers in a vase and 2 with 12 Sun Flowers in a vase. These paintings painted with oil on canvas have all the same measure 93 x 72 cm. If you put the paintings next to eacch others, they expose the blooming Sun Flowers till they almost dried.
The ones in a collection of National Gallery, London UK were made when Van Gogh lived in Arles, South France. The one you see here is The almost dried Sun Flowers, collection of Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. I love this serie because of the colours & the expressive brush strokes. This painting has several tones of Yellow in it. One way or the other, Van Gogh managed that this ton sur ton appears harmoniously on the canvas. This is the power of this impressionist!

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