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In memoriam Winny

Today I received a text message with a shocking info, my best friend from the junior high passed away yesterday. Winny was just 35 years old. She died of Pneumonia. She left a husband & a son of 3.

I’m aware of the fact that we never know when we will leave this earth but..still I just can’t believe it that she’s not around anymore. We were very happy when we had found each other, on line, 6 years ago. In fact last year when I visited Indonesie, we met again, after 21 years!
To me, remembering Winny is similar to Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Happy Days Roller Disco, Valentine’s Day, Kue Pukis Mayestik, Es Teler, Siomay jl. Gaharu, Ebony, cruising on saturday evening at Jl. Sabang, swimming together, cutting class, Winny breaking her Ramadan Day, Nike Sneakers, Triumph Bra’s, Diary with James Dean pics, Dairy Queen…etc.

I am going to miss you girl. Memories of yours will live forth in my mind.

Au revoir Win. Que Dieu te bénisse!

2 thoughts on “In memoriam Winny

  1. that’s eerie, my friend from highschool just passed away too three days ago. she had kidney failure and is survived by husband and two kids. it’s so sad when they die young, makes me think about how youth is not a guarantee to life. serem.

  2. OMG, yours passed away three days ago?….It is indeed serem & so sad when people die young. Of course you know that life is not neverending but still….it makes me realize that we always or most of the time take life for granted.

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