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Hup Holland Hup!!

The Netherlands have just beaten World Champion Italy with 3-0 http://ek.nusport.nl/. My neighbours are celebrating it right now, some of them even lite the Fireworks! As if The Dutches had become European Champion. Could be difficult for the team to maintain this high level of play. Johan Cruyff warned the team on the after math analysis, don’t get big headed.

Among the players performed tonight there is one Indo (see pic), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (ok, his father, his mother is from the Moluccas). Other Indo players in the Dutch National Teams are Robin van Persie & John Heitinga.


4 thoughts on “Hup Holland Hup!!

  1. I totally and enthusiastically agree with you.

    I myself will never dress up in orange, drink twenty bottles of beer and will never use fireworks just because of a football match.

    Yet I guess your neighbors, like me, are crazy about this single performance of the Van Basten Boys. It reminds of the kind of football the Dutch squad played in ’74 – almost perfect.

    Your warnings are correct though. The team hardly will be able to keep this quality level for the rest of the Championship. Maybe it’s a one off, but even then this was great.


  2. Aanvallend voetbal! That was Dutch signature. I’ll be watching NL-FR en hope that NL would win.

    Hup Holland Hup!!!
    And once more… Netherlands had won 4-1 against France… 😉

    Any other fireworks from your neighbour mbak?

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