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Tooth Fairy came

Yesterday my daugther G came out of her school with a big smile on her face. She lost her very first baby tooth! She’s been waiting for this for sooo long since she was the last child in her class which hadn’t lose a tooth yet, till yesterday. This particular tooth had been unsteady (in Jakarta term = otek) the last 3 weeks.

For those of you who are not familiar with the tooth fairy (Tandenfee = Dutch) here is a short description about this from Wikipedia The tooth fairy is an example of American. The fairy gives children a gift (often money) in exchange for a baby tooth when it comes out of the child’s mouth. Children typically leave the tooth under their pillow (in a small teeth box see pic) for the fairy to take while they sleep. The tooth fairy then adds the tooth to a special part of her mythical and ever expanding all-white tooth castle in the sky. While originating in the United States, the tooth fairy myth is actively practiced in Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Canada, New-Zealand and much of the UK. All right then, also in the Netherlands.
Of course my husband or I should give G money (she prefers coins for her Piggy bank) on behalf of the tooth fairy. This is for G a big business, cause she immediately called her grandparents, aunts & uncles hoping that they would contribute some (€ 1/tooth!!) also on behalf of the tooth fairy. I wonder from whom G has her sense for money, I guess she would be a business woman when she grows up.

3 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy came

  1. maybe she will become the next oprah.. female entrepreneur extraordinaire..
    congrats for her first baby tooth falling out!

  2. Ha..ha..never thought of that lol! Perhaps I should manage her till she becomes an adult…

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