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The Netherlands, a progressive little country in West Europe

Underneath is my summary explaining why The Netherlands is called progressive:

  • A country where you can legally buy (ok, a small) amount of joint
  • Feeling to legally get stoned? Just pay a visit to a coffee shop in The Netherlands. I know, this sounds very confusing but hear this: coffee shops in NL sell soft drugs (marijuana, mushroom etc..). For coffee, tea or other drinks you need to go to the Cafés.
  • First country to allow gay & lesbian marriage
    Yep, either two grooms or two brides, they can marry legally here. In fact, gay couples have been allowed to adopt children from abroad lately.
  • First country to allow euthanasia
    To come to consideration for applying for Euthanasia, you must fill in many forms and of course your close relatives too. As soon as the appliance is formally acknowledged, you are able to define when (exact date & time), where (the location of course) and how (in most cases thru injection). The one who executes this, must report this to the register of the Department of Health.
  • Where the prostitutes are defined as entrepreneurs by the government, so they are to pay income taxes annually
    The prostitutes (if they work for themselves) or their pimps must meet some requirements to be able to run this entrepreneurship such as: hygienic workplace and long nails are forbidden as these wil cause a condomleak which – by sexual transmitted disease happened during the session – could lead to a possible law suit by the client.
  • First country (as long as I know) to allow the launching of a Political Party for Pedophilia
    I am speechless for this and the majority of the Dutch population also but it’s damn true!. Based on The Freedom of Speech some Pedophilia have succeeded to establish this Political Party. In its programme this party would like to legalize sexual contact between adults with children from 12 years old.A background information to you all, The Dutch actually prefer foreigners calling their country as The Netherlands (Nederland) not Holland. Holland is nowadays a historical name for an area in North- and South-Holland provinces (with well known cities as Amsterdam Noord-Holland and The Hague Zuid-Holland).

3 thoughts on “The Netherlands, a progressive little country in West Europe

  1. I think it’s a good thing that their government respects human rights so much that even pedophiles can have their own political party. But I don’t agree with their agenda, as I think these people are a bit sick. But then again, when I was 12, I remember having friends who are already having sex although not with men twice their age, but with like 17 or 18 yr old boys. It’s consensual so who am i to judge?

    As for soft drugs, actually wince the government had it legalized, there have been less hard drug users, and also younger people tend to do it, (as all young people are adventurous and would like to try things) and most of which lead good productive lives as and adult.

    I am not ashamed in saying I have tried many kinds of drugs when I was younger, at least once. But that has been an experience and now I look back and am glad I experienced all that then, and not now. In Indonesia, many people, even older adults, still use drugs.

    We are like children that way, the more we are forbidden to do something, the more we want to do it. 🙂

  2. I totally agree with Dutch Soft Drugs Policy. By regulating soft drugs the government is able to control it. And it allows the youth curiosity towards (soft)drugs to be fulfilled, that they can give it a try legally and safely.

    Most of the members of the Pedo Party are older than 30 so it gives me a creepy feeling knowing them desperately want to legalize sex with children from 12 years old. Yeah, The Netherlands is a country which practices democracy in every government’s layer. And the Dutches are proud of it!

  3. I love everything about this progressive country exceot for the last one *goose bumps*

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