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With Compliments

Generally speaking it is difficult not to be embarassed when you receive too many compliments but a simple thanks to the compliment giver would do from a start. If you play the game along with the compliment giver by saying “Oh, do you mean that?” or “I don’t deserve any compliment at all!” then the compliment giver would go on and on and on…. OK, according to Indonesian Customs it is considered a bit arrogant if some one gives you compliments that your hair looks good (sorry, I really can’t think of a better situation right now) and you react by only saying “Thank you”. But believe me, this is the best solution, better than giving socially suitable answers. It will also spare your time ……..


5 thoughts on “With Compliments

  1. you are absolutely right!! lol

    Nowadays, if someone compliments me on anything, I’ll just go, “Yeah I know, right?”

    and this is coming from a woman who says, “thank you baby,” or, “I love me too,” when her husband says “I love you”


  2. Ha..ha..I love the last one! This is what we call Basa Basi in Bahasa Indonesia. Unfortunately it’s kind of social etiquette there in our native country.

  3. Yoyen.. hehe, ini bener banget, tapi susah utk bener2 diterapkan di Indonesia well dalam lingkungan kita lah.., soalnya sudah terbiasa harus ‘merendah’ kan gitu maksud sebenernya.

    Tapi, Inka sepupu gw tu, dia sama dengan loe, kalo dipuji, dengan manisnya dia bilang, wah terimakasih.. hehe, ternyata cara itu ampuh, selain… emg sudah seharusnya kan ya bilang thank you kalo ada yg memberikan pujian.. (^_-)

    Well, I’ll try to practice this… moga2 bisa yak (^^,)

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Yeah it’s more Asian way to dismiss the compliment, to show that we’re modest and to show that the person who delivers the compliment is (too) generous. I personally have to learn to remind myself that I’m worth to receive a compliment with a thank you. Hard work 🙂

  5. @ Gaty, ya memang dengan berterima kasih saja komplimennya sudah diterima. Kalo ngga kelamaan basa basinya, cape dehhhh.

    @ Finally woken, memang bener we’re worth to receive a compliment by simply thanking the compliment giver. Kebanyakan orang2 Indonesia yg mendapat kompliment malahan decrease the compliment itself, contohnya: A bilang “Hey, baju kamu bagus”, B jawab “Makasih sih, padahal belinya lagi sale lho”.

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