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An adrenaline junkie?

Why do I feel that I handle my tasks better under pressure? I seem addicted to the feeling of adrenaline rushing thru’ my body whenever I need to catch a dead line whether it is a task at work, for school or being on time picking my daughter G at school. J’aime bien la vitesse I love speed, but on the other hand, having the acrophobia (am afraid of high places) I hate taking a ride in a rollercoaster, can’t even feel the adrenaline only fear during the ride. I would like to bungy jump one day but this would stay a dream for the rest of my life, J’ai tellement peur!.

OK, stick to the subject, am I an adrenaline junkie? Well I guess so. I prefer having a hectic working day, than having routinous tasks at work. I enjoy to multi task to certain extent cause when everything runs smooth as expected in a day, I would be content. This gives me the feeling that my day has been productive.


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