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Mini Me

Many people tell me that my daughter G, ressembles me a lot. This is not very surprising though, she is my flesh and blood! Even sometimes I joke by telling people that G is my Mini Me. But is she? Despite our ressemblance, our character is different. I can tell in this early stage.
The reason I came to this subject is the question I have had lately. Do I undeliberately push my will too much on her? Or for worse, do I force her to be a daughter she’s not? You guys, for sure you must know someone who has/needs to please his/her parents by always meeting to their standards such as children or young adults whose choice of school major defined by their parents for example.
Just take a simple thing for example, it is inevitable that G copies the way I dress. It’s funny though, nowadays, she projects herself in me and asks me to buy dress with the same print as hers. OK, I am now her role model, but even her music taste or her interest for painting and dancing is the same as mine. I often see myself, little Lorraine, in her now. I believe this is the joy of being a parent, to recognize yourself within your children.
Of course as a parent, you will only the best things for your child’s sake. At least, you find this way untill your child would grow up and has his/her own wil.
From now on, I decide to enjoy my time with my mini me. A day will come when I must let her go exploring herself en life itself. And believe me, this day will appear soon before I really aware of it!

4 thoughts on “Mini Me

  1. Halooooo (^^,) Senengnya ktemu di blog, haha! Kejutan bangeut euy! Pa kabaar, tambah cuantique dua2nya mama sama anak (^_^)

  2. elle est tres jolie, comme sa maman!!

    damn girl, how many languages do yuo speak?!

    It’s nice to see a mommy like you, who takes pride and joy in motherhood. I’m not quite there yet, dont know if i ever will. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see, 😉

  3. Merci chérie…merci! Combien de langues je parle? Hm…un petit peu d’Alleman et d’Espagnol, trop de Néerlandais et Anglais. Malheureusement, je ne sais par parler Haute Javanaise ha..ha…Mommy dearest, yeah, having children is one thing but being a good mother is another thing. Unfortunaly there’s no manual of Parenting. Parents just do it!

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